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How to Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture From the Elements

Outdoor furniture can be just as expensive as indoor furniture. Learn more about the materials and upkeep needed to get the most out of your investment.

Outdoor furniture needs to be protected to maintain its value and longevity, just way we keep our cars in garages. In order to keep you happy for years to come, the upkeep needed to maintain your furniture preserved should be given equal importance to its aesthetic appeal. Given that outdoor furniture may be just as expensive as indoor furniture, it’s crucial to think about the materials and upkeep needed to get the most out of your investment.

1. Start with high-quality outdoor fabrics

When choosing the cloth for outdoor furniture, don’t skimp. It’s essential to spend money on a premium fabric when using it outside. We enjoy the materials from Revolution, Perennials, and Sunbrella. This will prevent the sun from entirely bleaching or damaging your furniture within a season or two.

2. Buy a canopy or pergola

Consider using a cover, such as a canopy or a pergola, to weatherproof outdoor furniture to prevent material fading and warping. Even while outdoor furniture is coated and built to endure this as much as possible, it is limited in what it can accomplish when the sun is shining straight on it for a long time. Nothing is more harmful than being in the sun all day. If purchasing a shaded structure is out of your price range, get creative with your landscape and home’s design. Varela advises placing patio furniture wherever that is shielded from the sun, such as below a big tree.

3. Shield furniture from rain

Even the most expensive patio furniture can begin to rot from rain. When a storm is coming, stack your chairs in a corner and cover them with a solid structure. Moving outdoor furniture indoors or at least to a covered location, such as a screened-in porch, is advised in case of a truly strong storm. Furniture pads made of silicone, rubber, or leg caps are items we like. They will stop furniture legs from damaging decks in addition to shielding it from direct touch with wet flooring.

4. Find storage for cushions and throw pillows

Even high-quality fabric can struggle to resist mold and pollen if left outside all the time, despite the fact that resistant fabric can increase the lifespan of your pillows and cushions. The majority of cushions are removable, and when not in use—especially towards the end of the season—they should be stored. The best location to keep cushions, umbrellas, and the rest is in a sturdy outdoor container.

5. Take care of furniture covers

Outdoor furniture covers help weatherproof it, but you can’t ignore them or the muck could spread to the same things you’re trying to keep clean. To remove dust and grime, we advise using a broad, sturdy brush or sponge and hot, soapy water. Then use a high-pressure hose to rinse the coverings. Apply a UV protectant to the furniture and covers after they have dried. Numerous materials, especially vinyl and plastic, will work with this. Also possible is machine washing for covers. Some are mildew- and stain-resistant and robust enough to scrub with a water-and-bleach solution.

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