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15 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home with a Homeowners Association HOA

Buying a home in a homeowners association (HOA) can come with both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some items to be aware of when purchasing a home in an HOA, including how the HOA's financial health can impact your purchase: HOA Fees: Find out the current HOA fees and whether they are likely to increase in the near future. These fees cover various expenses, such as maintenance, insurance,...

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How to Keep an Organized Homeowner’s Binder

When buying a home, there are a TON of papers that you should keep throughout the process, as well as other useful information. Keeping all important papers in one place makes it a lot easier to grab and go if there is a home emergency. Storing a digital version of the binder is a good backup option incase documentation gets lost, stolen or damaged.

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6 Simple Tips to Organize Your Home

Everyone can benefit from spending some time organizing their home to fit their particular lifestyle without it taking a huge toll on their mental health. Feeling good in a clean space boosts mental health by easing anxiety over a dirty space, or creating distractions over thinking about how much could be done around your home. 1. Set Attainable Goals Attainable goals makes working your way through...

How to Keep Your Home Dry This Rainy Season

Record breaking rains this year mean we are flooded (excuse our pun) with questions from clients and friends who are noticing new leaks where they've never occurred before. The two most common leaks we hear about during periods of heavy rain are 1) isolated roof leaks or 2) water intrusion in the basement. Beyond the obvious impacts of a water leak, our clients also want to know if a new leak will...

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