June Design Corner

With so many elements making up exterior design, there are many ways to make an impact. However, before you start a complete exterior redesign, we recommend asking yourself some preliminary questions to identify a design direction.

Curb Appeal

With so many elements making up exterior design, there are many ways to make an impact. However, before you start a complete exterior redesign, we recommend asking yourself some preliminary questions to identify a design direction:

  • What portions of your home do you love, and how can you emphasize those?
  • Are there specific elements of your home you want to change? Why?
  • What overall style is your home now? Would you like to stay true to that style, completely update it, or somewhere in between?
  • How do you use your home’s outdoor space — and could a design update help you make better use of it?

Your design process may include big overhauls or minor updates that you can make in a weekend. All of them will help you maximize your home’s curb appeal.

Tip #1: Paint – Another high-impact aspect of exterior home design is your home’s paint color. Before diving headfirst into your favorite hue, consider how the lighting changes around your home throughout the day and pick durable colors.

Identify the main elements that play a role in your color scheme, and use those to determine your palette. For example, if your home is predominately siding or stucco, the color of those elements will make up the base of your color scheme. You can add additional colors by painting trim, doors, and accents. If you’re using two main colors in your design, use the darker color closer to the ground to anchor your home. No matter what color you choose, always paint a few samples on your home to make sure your picks look as good in action as they do in the can.

Tip #2: Find the Right Front Door – Swapping out your front door or giving it a splash of paint is a low-effort way to make a significant impact on your exterior design. Bright colors can be an eye-catching pop of personality. No matter what style you pick, your front door can establish the mood and energy for every guest who steps up to it. Choose wisely!

Tip #3: Upgrade Your Garage Doors – Garage doors are another area where safety and function considerations come first. Nevertheless, design elements can massively upgrade the look of your garage. Garage doors have a broad visual impact on your home’s exterior, especially when they’re front-facing. Consider alternative materials like wood (or wood facing), make them pop with contrasting paint colors, or make them feel intentional by adding decorative hardware.

Tip #4: Accessorize – As with any good design, it’s the little things that tie a look together. Don’t neglect smaller design elements throughout your exterior space. Updating your house numbers to a style more consistent with your aesthetic can make your design feel cohesive. Accent lights like lanterns and string lights add warmth and glow to your space. Planters, doormats, outdoor furniture, and even your mailbox make your design appear professional and provide visual interest.

Refine & Design is an interior styling and home staging company dedicated to making your space functional and beautiful. Refine & Design provides affordable, practical, and creative solutions personalized to fit your taste and lifestyle. You can call or email them at 614-296-9800

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