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Tips on How New Albany Home Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

The home inspection process is frequently a stressful experience for New Albany home sellers.

After all, the results of the home inspection could make or break the sale of their Central Ohio home.

The good news is that there are ways in which a New Albany home owner can prepare for the upcoming home inspection.

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As most home sellers know, many home buyers will hire a professional home inspector to look over the home before closing on their new purchase.

Sometimes, if a problem is found during the home inspection, it can delay the closing for weeks.

Luckily, there are certain preventative steps that home sellers can take to ensure that the home inspection goes smoothly.

One of the most important steps they can take is to make repairs to the following areas before an inspection ever occurs. That’s because these areas are known to cause the most concern among home buyers:

  • Mold & Mildew: Home buyers are very cognizant of the health issues associated with these two growths, especially toxic black mold. If it’s present in your home, you may receive a less-than-ideal offer on your home. Thus, make sure you remove any before an inspection.
  • Water control issues in basements and crawlspaces: Generally the smell of mildew in one of these rooms is an indication that it’s too moist. To reduce moisture levels in your basement, consider covering any areas of exposed grown with plastic. You may also consider checking out your drainage system to make sure it’s not exacerbating the problem.
  • Problematic Roofs: This is a huge area for home buyers and can certainly prove costly for home sellers should a home inspector discover a problem. The most common issue related to roofs is deteriorated shingles as well as rotted materials underneath the shingles. Make repairs on this important part of the home before the home buyer schedules the inspection.
  • Plumbing Issues: Leaks can wreak havoc on a home and cause considerable damage. The home inspector will do a number of things around your home to locate any potential leaks, including checking water pressure in the bathroom and running the dishwasher. They will also check the septic system. Thus, make sure to get these issues addressed well before the inspection occurs.
  • Electrical Problems: Home inspectors are looking for inadequate electrical panels and circuit breaker configurations. Make sure that your electrical system is fully functioning.
  • Miscellaneous Inspection Areas: Additional areas that the home inspector will check are the heating and air conditioning systems, the home’s foundation and the home’s various appliances that would come with the house.

One more thing about home inspections for now: Your contract should tell you which systems are expected to be in good working order at the time of closing. This will help you even more to prepare for the closing.

We Can Help You Sell Your New Albany Home in a Timely Manner!

We understand just how important the home inspection process is. That’s why we are always happy to share with interested Central Ohio home sellers like you our expert advice on how to pass a home inspection.

Contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today to learn more about how we can help you reach a favorable outcome on the New Albany real estate market as a home seller.

Until next time,

Kate & Tony


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