Is It Time to Purchase Another New Albany, Ohio Home for Sale?

As experienced Central Ohio real estate experts, we’ve known plenty of New Albany home owners over the years who have wrestled with the idea of when to purchase another home.

They would often ask us, “How do I know when is the right time?”

So today, I’m going to tell you about some top reasons why people decide to sell their current New Albany home and move to another one.

New Albany Real Estate for Sale

It has been said that American home owners move into a new home roughly every five to seven years.

Why so much moving? Here are some top reasons why New Albany home owners tell me that it’s time for them to move:

They’ve outgrown their current home.   This is particularly true for growing young families who originally purchase a starter home and then quickly outgrow it.

They want to upgrade their home.   Whether they’re looking for a more modern-style home or a home with updated fixtures and amenities throughout, these home owners are looking for the bigger and better home.

Job transfer.   Sometimes it’s the job that initiates the need to sell their current home. Often, if commuting distance is more than an hour, people will decide to relocate.

They want to rectify a mistake they made when they purchased their current house. Perhaps when purchasing their current house, the home owners thought they would be able to get used to not having a backyard or being on a busy street.  When they realize that they made a mistake on their current home, some home owners will eventually rectify the situation by purchasing another home that fits their needs more appropriately.

Changes in Personal Relationships.   Whether it’s getting married or getting divorced, having kids or becoming empty nesters – these changes in relationships often motivate people to change their living situations as well.

Desire to See Family More Often. If the home owner lives far away from their nuclear family, they may opt to move in order to be closer to relatives. We see this often in which parents move closer to be with their children and vice versa.

Desire to See Family Less Often.  Then there are the home owners who are looking for a bit of space between themselves and their family members. In order to preserve harmony in the family, these home owners move away from their families.

Retirement.   Some home owners who have recently retired wish to live in a retirement community where they can be around others around their age. These communities are also attractive because they typically require less maintenance than a typical home.

Deferred Maintenance.  Instead of having to purchase a new roof or replace the furnace, some home owners opt to purchase a new home so that they don’t have to worry about such costly maintenance projects.

House flippers.   Some people simply enjoy buying fixer upper homes and spending a great deal of time, money and energy making the house into a more desirable place to live. Then they sell the home and buy another fixer upper.

Change in lifestyle.   These individuals may not want to be tied down to a property and instead want to spend their time and money traveling the world. Thus, they decide to sell in order to free up some of their money and to release themselves from one piece of property.

New Albany, Ohio Real Estate for Sale

If you are a current home owner who has been considering selling your Central Ohio home anytime soon, please contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today!

As you can see, we’ve helped New Albany home owners sell their homes for a variety of reasons over the years and we’d be happy to assist you as well!

For the time being, however, please take a few moments to browse some of the additional home-selling resources we offer online for free, including:

Until next time,

Kate & Tony

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