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Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2022

Every year, new design trends take over the old ones, and sometimes bring back trends from the past. As we move through the times of Covid, our spaces have transformed into multi-use and reflect our energy visually. Below are a few predictions of what trends are in style this year.

IN – Shades of Brown

Add warmth to a space with shades of brown.

This year, people are deciding to start playing with warm toned colors and putting other neutrals on the back burner for now. Caramels, chocolate browns, terra-cotta, burnt umber, etc. It’s all about creating elegant spaces with deep neutrals and working with other colors and patterns to create a sense of coziness.

IN – Dual-Purpose Rooms

Turn one space into two functional ones with a partition.

As our spaces evolve with our busy work from home lifestyles, a room develops multiple purposes. The dining room is also the conference room, the office is also a school classroom, the living room is also workout room. Using various partitions or blockades can help make one space feel like two.

IN – Textiles and Texture

Use textured rugs to tie a space together.

Play with textures and patterns to add depth to a space. Explore using colorful or textured statement rugs to have fun with the space. Popular patterns that have been seen so far in 2022 are jute, rush, and abaca.

IN – Nature-Inspired

Imperfect stone backsplash adds the calming sense of nature.

Natural surfaces for furniture, backsplashes, and decorations strengthen the connection to nature. Imperfect raw, porous materials mimic the calming sense of the outdoors. Clay, terra-cotta, marble, crystals, wood, and plants add a refreshing vibe for your space.

IN – High-Tech

Smart home devices improving home spaces.

As technology continues to evolve in design, many are deciding to switch home products to more technical versions. Smart thermostats, doorbells, motion sensor trash cans, robot vacuums, security systems, lightbulbs, etc. all help create a more helpful, diverse, and flexible space as we continue to spend time at home.

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