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Ensure That Your New Albany Home Shows Well By Doing These Things

When home buyers in New Apbany  go to tour a home, they frequently decide whether they like it or not within the first couple of minutes!

And some have made up their minds before they even set foot in the home!

That’s why good first impressions are critical when it comes to successfully selling your New Albany home.

Today, we’re going to tell you about some things that you should do that will help you attract qualified home buyers and get purchase offers.

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Here are some suggestions for how you as a home seller can turn a home showing into a home sale.

Create a Welcoming Environment. You want the home buyer to be able to envision living in your home one day. Thus, you want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Create this atmosphere by not requiring them to take off take off their shoes if they don’t want to and by leaving the house during home showings. You can even go the extra mile by leaving out a bowl of candy or treats at the front door with a small note thanking the buyer.

Set a comfortable room temperature. You don’t want your home to be so stuffy that the buyer can’t breathe but you also don’t want to freeze them out either! So set the temperature to a degree that encourages the home buyer to linger in your home and fall in love with it even more!

Set the Scene. Help the home buyer see your home as their future home by setting just the right mood in your home. Consider lighting a fire in the fireplace, perhaps or setting the dining room table. You may also consider playing soft music or leaving water fountains turned on.

Don’t Overwhelm Buyers with Strong Fragrances. Some people may be allergic to the fragrance you spray in your home during showings – driving them outside. That’s definitely not the reaction you want in interested home buyers! Instead, go for natural scents by opening the window if it’s a nice breezy day or baking cookies in the oven just before a showing!

Make Your Home Visually Appealing. Showings are all about appealing to the buyer’s sense of aesthetics. You can do this by setting out seasonal photographs, such as blossoming flowers for the springtime and fall foliage for autumn. Rooms with complimentary colors are also very appealing to buyers.

Let in the Light. Natural and artificial light can both do wonders to make homes appear more cheery, beautiful and open than they really are. So use every opportunity you see to let in the light!

Encourage home buyer feedback. Considering setting out blank note pads with pens near the candy you set out at the front of the home. Even if the home buyer doesn’t ultimately end up buying your home, it will give you insight into what home buyers are looking for.

Your Dedicated New Albany Ohio REALTORS

Hopefully the above tips will help you sell your New Albany home for sale in a short amount of time and for the best price possible.

If you’re looking for additional advice, however, on how to effectively navigate the Central Ohio real estate market, please don’t hesitate to contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today!

We’re expert New Albany REALTORS and will be thrilled to help you with all of your home-selling needs.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the free New Albany real estate resources we offer online, including:

Until next time,

Kate & Tony

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