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6 Simple Tips to Organize Your Home

Everyone can benefit from spending some time organizing their home to fit their particular lifestyle without it taking a huge toll on their mental health. Feeling good in a clean space boosts mental health by easing anxiety over a dirty space, or creating distractions over thinking about how much could be done around your home.

1. Set Attainable Goals

Attainable goals makes working your way through the tasks a whole lot easier instead of looking at the bigger picture. It’s okay to make a list of tasks that need completed around your home, but they do not need to be done in one go-around. 

Create a list of goals to accomplish.

2. Start Small

Break larger tasks, or a list of tasks, down into smaller, attainable goals. Try working through one room at a time, or even a section of a room if working with a large space. If you need even more guidelines for yourself, try breaking the tasks down into categories throughout your space, such as clothes/laundry, shoes, school supplies, toys, dishes, etc.

Doing the dishes.

3. Declutter

When organizing your space, take the time to think about the objects you are putting away. Have you used it within the last year? The last five years? Ten years? If you have not thought about or used the items in the last couple years, consider selling or donating the items to a local charity. Clearing out your space of unused items will free up space for those you do use and you get to help others in the process.

Create a functional space.

4. Enlisting Help

If you live with others, talk to them to help make a strategy to keeping the space tidy, whether that means creating a chore chart or working together to tidy up the space faster. Working with someone else also creates a sense of motivation and accountability to finishing the tasks. 

Ask friends, family, or roommates for help completing tasks.

5. Create a Positive and Fun Environment

There is no rule against putting some music on and using a broom as a microphone, or wiping the counter to the beat of your favorite tracks. Having fun while completing your tasks makes them feel less daunting and creates a more positive environment. Put on your favorite movie or tv show in the background and quote your favorite lines while you clean. Play a game with yourself to see how many dishes can be cleaned before the song ends, or how many songs does it take to finish an entire room. Have a competition to see who can finish their room first, and the winner gets a prize or an extended break.

6. Take Breaks

It is important to remember that it is okay to take breaks throughout your organizational process. Those tasks from your list will still be there after you take that nap or eat a meal. Another important thing to remember is to not make yourself feel bad over clutter around your home. It is normal for anyone to end up with clutter and need to reorganize, and let go of what you think other people’s expectations are for your home. You will get there and reach your goals.

Take time for yourself.

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