5 Tips for building a Smart Home
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5 Tips for Building a Smart Home

Smart Homes exist for one reason only: To make your life much easier. If you are on the fence about setting up your Smart Home, here are a few tips and ideas that can help you make your decision.

Smart Homes exist for one reason only: To make your life much easier. If you are on the fence about setting up your Smart Home, here are a few tips and ideas that can help you make your decision.

Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant

The first and most popular way to transform your home into a Smart Home is to have a Smart Assistant. Whether it’s an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, these act as a hub for most other smart features. They can tell you the weather, set alarms, dim lights, and change the thermostat with a simple voice command. By wirelessly connecting these to all other smart devices in your home, you can control just about everything in your home!

Smart Lighting

Home with Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is a great way to have your house stand out and can also save money in the long term. These lighting systems consist of a central hub unit that connects directly to a wifi router which can wirelessly control all compatible lightbulbs. These lightbulbs are usually LED bulbs which both last longer and are more efficient than normal incandescent lightbulbs. The bulbs also color changing so they can be any shade of white you like and even blue or green! Systems like the Phillips Hue offer other products than just lightbulbs. They have LED light strips and light fixtures that can easily integrate into your home setup.

Smart Thermostats

Nest Thermostat

Replacing a traditional thermostat with a Smart thermostat does take some wiring and there are some compatibility limitations on some systems, but once it is set up, it is very easy to use. Thermostats like the Google Nest have integrated displays which make changing the temperature as easy as spinning the metal outer ring. They also connect to your smartphone to make adjustments whenever and wherever you are. Some thermostats even learn what temperature you like at a certain time of day and will automatically set it so you never have to worry!

Smart Security

Smart Security Camera

Home Security systems are a great way to have peace of mind when you both in and out of your home. Depending on if you want to install yourself or have the system professionally installed, there are plenty of service that offer great home protection. These systems all include a central unit that connects with your phone, which wirelessly connects with cameras, door monitors and alarms. Once an alarm is triggered, you’ll receive a notification on what happened. The security systems offer 24/7 monitoring support with an additional monthly fee.

Smart Doors

Smart Door Locks

Much like the Smart Home Security systems, Smart Doors and Smart Locks can help provide you with peace of mind. Each lock can be accessed through an app whenever and wherever you are. Having access to all your doors at the push of a button, makes losing your keys a thing of the past! There are even smart garage doors that can open or close with a touch of a button or a simple voice command. The downside to these smart garages are that they can be difficult to install.

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